Video Collaboration:

Technology can be a game changer when it comes to bringing people together.  Interactive video conferencing is one of those technologies.  The ability to host a 'town hall' meeting but in the comfort and convenience of people's homes, can dramatically increase participation and help get your message out.  And just like a physical town hall meeting, in a virtual meeting people will be able to see everyone else, raise their virtual hands to ask questions and interact with both the host and the attendees.  There will also be instant polling available where a question can be asked, attendees answer and the results are immediately shown on screen.

Using Web-Based Video Conferencing Solutions:

At Radical Recall... we have decided to utilize a state of the art web-based video conferencing solution called "Zoom".  How good is this technology?  Approximately half of the Fortune 500 use Zoom as their platform of choice in video conferencing.  Currently we have a license to hold up to five simultaneous meetings, with each meeting accommodating up to 100 people.  If we out grow that limit, we flip a switch and can instantly increase the limit to 500 and beyond if necessary.  So if we have multiple ongoing recall campaigns, each campaign will have access to video conferencing to support their efforts.   Below is a screen shot of our "Radical Recall Video Portal Page":


The old days of;

  • - Promoting a meeting days or weeks in advance
  • - Reserving and sometimes having to pay for a meeting room
  • - Driving to and from the meeting location
  • - Bringing and setting up AV equipment to run your Powerpoint presentations...are over!

Need a meeting room for 100? You got it! 

Need a larger place for 500?  Done!! 

Need a Trump-sized venue to hold 1,000 racuous RADICAL enthusiasts? 

You've come to the right place !

You bring the people, and the Radical Recall Team will support you with the technology.

Yes, there will be a bit of a learning curve the first time you use this technology.  But the Radical Recall Team will be here to run you through it and Zoom has fabulous recorded tutoritals from A - Z on how to master their technology.  An hour or two and you'll be a video conferencing pro!  (Once you sign-up as a Recall Leader, or Circulator you will be given access to our Video Portal).

This is one of the most important tools we have for dramatically increasing our chances of attracting enough volunteers to help run a successful recall campaign.  Take advantage of it!

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