Pre-Registration. The Kobayashi Maru Solution to Successful Recall Campaigns.

As I get myself up to speed on the realities of recall, I understand now why only one person (Victor Head) has ever accomplished the task: MONEY!  As the recall playbook is currently written, costs for recall campaigns can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Very few districts can fund that kind of expense.  The frustration and desire of so many Coloradoans to recall our current Democratic legislators is at a level I've never seen in the 40 years I've lived here.  Yet the costs to do so make the venture a virtual no-win situation.

But where there's a will, there's a way.  In Star Trek lore that 'way' was known as 'The Kobayashi Maru Solution.'  You'll have to look it up but basically the lesson was, "when the rules are stacked against you...change the rules."  So that's what we've done.  We've changed the recall rules by building a 'Pre-Register Your Recall Vote' tool on the Radical website.

If you read my Colorado Redprint article, I talked about the four steps business people usually go through when evaluating a new market opportunity.  The fourth step was 'Get Your Checkbook or Line of Credit ready!'  So last week I asked Ben Engen of Constellation Political Consulting to give me a detailed cost estimate for my House District 18 recall attempt.

I can't say enough about Ben and the professional help, guidance and education he's given me on recall campaigns.  Ben came back with a detailed, soup to nuts, eight page breakdown of the estimated costs for the House District 18 recall attempt, under the current format that recalls are done.

I was stunned.  I won't give you the exact number but let's just say it was a multiple 100K estimate.  Here's what was even more eye opening: two thirds of the cost was earmarked to pay circulators to collect signatures.  Going out into the public to collect signatures for a recall petition is not easy and I have a ton of respect for the people that do this work.  But it's such a horrendously inefficient, time consuming and expensive way to collect signatures.  If only there was a better way.

I believe there is.  I'm hoping when my fellow Coloradoans see the plan, they'll agree.  Up to now, getting petitions signed has always been a matter of circulators going out into the community, searching for signers.  We know there's enough of you out there, Victor proved that by doing the near impossible, finding 13,000+ approved signatures, one at a time.  A truly herculean effort on Victor and his team's part.

But what if instead of going out in a purely hit or miss fashion in search of signers, we instead asked you to digitally raise your hand, tell us who you are, where we can find you, and how to get in touch with you?

  Welcome To 'Pre-Register Your Recall Vote.'  Objective #1: 30 Seconds, 3 Clicks.

Our 'Pre-Register' feature can be a game changing way recalls are conducted.  All we need is thirty seconds of your time.  Follow the instructions in Objective #1 on the Home page and you've done your part to 'Kobayashi Maru' the current recall protocol for petition signing! 

As pre-registrations come in, we'll now be able to parse people into their districts, geo-locate groups of people within those districts, and set up petition signing stations nearby.  With the contact information you provided (email/text, both), we'll be able to let you know where and what times we'll be close by. 

If successful, it will be a faster, more efficent, less stressful way to gather signatures.  Most importantly, it will dramatically reduce the cost of a recall campaign.  Our hope is to have tens of thousands of Coloradoans help us out by using our Pre-Register tool.  The more that use it, the more powerful we become!

Sometimes the best solution is the one hiding in plain sight.  The shock of that cost estimate Ben gave me was the precursor to the 'Pre-Register' idea that popped into my head 48 hours later.  It's a beautifully simple, yet incredibly powerful concept.  It was right there in front of me the whole time, but I didn't see it until the no-win cost scenario of Ben's proposal smacked me in the face.

Thank you Captain Kirk for the help in solving our Kobayashi Maru problem.  I loved that show!



The Symphony of Recall; A Tour of The RADICAL Website

Did you know that a symphony orchestra is comprised of up to 100 musicians?  Each one superbly talented, capable of creating beautiful melodies.  Yet when these musicians get ready to perform, what do you hear prior to the conductor's 'tap, tap, tap' of his baton, signaling it's time to begin?  NOISE! The process is called tuning.  Here's what it is and why I think it's relevant to us;

"An orchestra tunes itself to a very particular frequency, usually 440 hertz, a note known as A 440. The note is played by the oboist, and the rest of the orchestra tunes their instruments to match it. The oboe leads the tuning because of all the instruments, it is least affected by humidity or other weather conditions.  In music, tuning an instrument means getting it ready so that when it is played it will sound at the correct pitch: not too high or too low. When two or more instruments play together it is particularly important that they are in tune with one another."

I believe we have a tuning problem with the recall efforts here in Colorado.  We have thousands and thousands of very talented, very capable people trying to contribute.  But we have no oboist, no singular 'recall' frequency to tune to.  The result is too much noise, not enough music (progress). 

The problem quickly became apparent when I first decided to get involved in the Recall Polis effort.  There's no need to get into the details, as I'm sure most of you by now are aware of the dueling recall groups.  Its unfortunate because I believe the vast majority of people involved in the efforts are great patriots and dedicated people.

If there's that much disjointed noise trying to focus on a single recall campaign, how do I propose to do multiple ones?  Because I have an obiost to focus us; this website.  Let me explain;

The four people who changed the political landscape in Colorado...weren't politicians.  They were three businessmen, one businesswoman and four obscenely rich bank accounts. They threw out the 'good ole boy' political playbook that often times prioritized personal friendships over polling data as the basis for doling out campaign funding.

The new sheriffs in town, known as 'The Gang of Four' did away with all that and evaluated candidates based on cold, hard facts about where their money should be allocated for maximum results, friendships be damned.  They utilized technology, social media and opposition research in new and innovative ways.  They created a disciplined business plan for political campaigns and turned out to be as successful in politics as they were in business. 

So I read their playbook, looked at their strategies and tactics and decided to tip my hat and copy them...just without the four obscenely rich bank accounts.  This website is my attempt to mirror their success.

Let's Look At This Website And See If We Can Make Some Recall Music.

HOME PAGE: On the home page we state our objectives, #1, #2, #3.  If you join us, you'll clearly understand the recall goals and how we plan on achieving them.  Also under the home tab you'll find 'Ric's Radical Report'.  This is original content, articles relevant to our mission.  If nothing else, they will give you a feel for my thinking and strategy for the recall campaigns.

DISTRICT FINDER Tab:  Many people who are interested in getting involved in a recall campaign aren't sure what House and Senate district they reside in.  Click on the District Finder tab, enter your address and zip code and you'll get your answer, courtesy of BallotPedia.

CO RECALLS Tab: This is the heart of the RADICAL website and the beginning of the recall symphony.  Hold your mouse over this tab and two drop down menus will appear; Senate District Listings and House District Listings.  Click on either one and you'll see a list of all Senate/House members, color coded to let you know the current recall status of each.

Click on any name and you'll get the 'Legislative Ledger' for that member.  Unique to this website, the Legislative Ledger is all about the big D, Data!  It shows you how that person voted on three key bills we chose and based on those votes why we feel that person should (or in two cases, shouldn't) be recalled.

Next, we've calculated how many verified signatures it will take to recall that candidate.  As importantly, we've shown how many votes the Republican candidate received in that particular election.  It gives important context to the recall signature number.  You see, in many of these races the Republican candidate received far more votes then would be needed in a recall campaign.  This is your lowest hanging fruit and gives you a better sense of the odds of successfully collecting enough signatures.  Where this is the case (more republican votes then recall signatures required) you'll see a green checkmark on that member's Ledger. 

Finally, we're giving a 1 (fair), 2 (good) or 3 (very good) star rating on those green checkmark members, indicating where we think our best chances for success are.  For good measure and a extra boost of confidence, we also show how many people in that particular district didn't even bother to vote in that election!  So in making your recall decision you will know;

1) How the candidate voted on key bills.

2) How many signatures will be needed to recall.

3) How many people actually came out to vote against this Democrat.

4) How many new people there are that you can go after for signatures who are registered but didn't vote last time.

5) What we think the chances are for a successful recall campaign.

Now This Is Where Recall 'Noise' Stops And The Music Begins

For each Legislative Ledger, on the right side you'll see a green checkmark or a red X  at the top to indicate if there is an active recall campaign underway or not for that particular member.  If there is, you'll see the name of the Recall Leader.  You will be able to EMAIL that person directly from the website.  If there is not a recall leader yet, YOU can volunteer to get things rolling!

In addition there is a 'Register' link if you would like to volunteer as a petition circulator or general volunteer for that particular recall.  That information will be forwarded to the Recall Leader and he/she will get in touch with you.  So as a Recall Leader you will be able to use this website to help gather volunteers and communicate with them individually or as a group.  Effective communication and timely dissemination of information will be critical to our success.  You now have that via RADICAL supported email.  And the best tools are yet to come!

CO DEMOCRATS Tab: So the Recall tab is where you go if you're ready to roll and join/start a recall campaign in your district.  But for those that want to do some in-depth research on a particular member of congress, the CO DEMOCRATS tab has already done the work for you.  Hold your cursor over the CO DEMOCRATS tab and you'll see two drop down menus appear; CO Senate Directory and CO House Directory.  Click on one and it will bring up a picture and short bio of each member of that chamber.  If you want more detailed information, click on the 'global' icon graphic at the bottom of their bio and it will take you to their comprehensive BallotPedia profile.  So we can be motivated and as importantly, we can be educated on both the candidate and the issues.

RECALL 101 Tab:  Hold your cursor over the RECALL 101 tab and five menu items will appear.  #3 and #4 are game changing technologies for recall campaigns.  This is the 'Everything you need to know about recalls' tab and there is a LOT to know!  An hour or two of prep on this website can be the difference between success or failure in a recall campaign.

1) Recall Petitions: For those who want to read the exact recall guidelines per the Secretary of State.

2) How to Mount a Recall: This is a superb presentation on all things recall presented by Ben Engen of Constellation Political Consulting.  A must watch video that will open your eyes to just how much there is to do in a recall campaign, and has to be done EXACTLY right.

The Technology Game Changers for Recall Campaigns

3) Find My Voter Registration:  This will change how signatures are collected in future recall campaigns.  The Pueblo Freedom and Rights group were responsible for the successful 2013 recall campaigns.  Using mobile technology they put together allowed them to verify in the field in real time whether the signature they just collected was valid or not.  It increased their efficiency tremendously and gave them the confidence to submit their signatures for verification with just a two thousand name surplus for any disqualifying issues.  We'll be deploying a modified version we call Colorado QuickCheck for our petition circulators which can be used on iPhones, iPads or Android phones.  It will not only verify signatures in the field in real time but will also instantly upload that information into our database.

4) Video Collaboration: Interactive video conferencing is the second technology that will change the way future recall campaigns are conducted.  Geographical distances and logistical problems setting up traditional town hall type meetings are a thing of the past.  There will always be a proper time and place for face to face meetings, shaking someone's hand and personally saying 'thank you.'  But interactive video conferencing allows us to increase our reach ten fold, at no additional cost but tremendous additional benefits.  We'll be the first to use this one-to-one video technology in a recall campaign.  Check out the write up for specifics.

5) Recall Checklist: A downloadable, one-page overview of the key points to be aware of and suggestions on how to prepare for a recall campaign.

Closing Thoughts.  Can We Make History? Yes. Here's How.

Remember, there is strength in numbers!  What makes this website unique is that although each recall campaign stands on it’s own, you now potentially have other recalls campaigns to draw strength, encouragement and inspiration from!  Recall Leaders will be able to communicate and learn best practices in real time from other Recall Leaders via web conferencing.  You won't be working in a vacuum, you'll have the support of teams of hundreds, maybe thousands of other volunteers in other recalls around the state.  Don't underestimate the power of synergy!

Mike and I have given it everything we have in putting this recall website together.  Now the only thing to do is...go out and do it!  Will we be successful?  I don't know but Mike and I are going to try and we hope you'll join us. 

However, here's what I do know and can say with absolute confidence;  While running a successful recall campaign is difficult, filing the paperwork for a recall campaign is NOT!  There's no reason we can't at least successfully begin the process.  We need Recall Leaders for each district to step up, organize and be ready to go. That's it initially.  We keep our powder dry until we're ready, then we ALL FILE OUR RECALL PETITIONS ON THE SAME DAY.

Can you imagine the media shock wave that will roll through Colorado and the rest of the nation when news gets out that grass roots Coloradoans have organized and filed multiple recall petitions at once!  At a minimum, it will send an unmistakable message to Colorado Democrats that a storm is coming.  At best, it galvanizes thousands of Coloradoans to get involved with a movement they can believe and have confidence in.  And if THAT happens...anything is possible.


The Politics Of Personal Destruction; Why It Works, What it Says About Us

I’ve been trying to get this article started for a while now and I’ve just struggled with it.  Usually when I write an article I have the end point in mind and work backwards from there.  In this case however, when I look at the topic, I just don’t have any novel insights, no unique perspectives, no words of wisdom.

theblueprintbookcoversmAfter reading ‘The Blueprint’ How the Democrats Won Colorado, I freely admitted there was much to admire about the capabilities of the Gang of Four and the progressive tsunami they unleased on Colorado, transforming it from deep red conservative to bright blue liberal in less then a decade. Now, I obviously disagree with their ideology but it’s hard to argue with how devastatingly effective ‘The Blueprint’ has been in achieving their objectives.

The question is, at what cost?  And unfortunately the dark answer is; any cost.  As Machiavelli said nearly five hundred years ago, "The end justifies the means."  With all of the incredible advancements in our world in those five hundred years, a better human nature isn't one of them.  

 Which brings me to the politics of personal destruction and today's political landscape.  The Blueprint was brutally honest about their machiavellian intent when it came to defeating their political opponents.  No holds barred.  Don't take my word for it.  Here's a couple of quotes from the book;

Trimpa believes that to win, you need to go negative.  "You have to create an environment of fear and respect" he told the Bay Area Reporter.  "The only way to do that is to get aggressive and go out and actually beat them up [politically]."

"The Democratic campaign had nothing to do with the issues, but was about winning at all costs.  Regardless of the values of our candidates, the Democrats would smear them."

Jon Caldara, president of the conservative/libertarian Independence Institute, agrees. "A fully integrated scandal-manufacturing machine" is how he describes the interaction of the network's organizations.  "The Democrats have outsourced the politics of personal destruction to a bunch of nonprofits."

It didn't used to be that way in Colorado until the Gang of Four arrived and changed the rules.  Here's Sean Duffy, who was the deputy chief of staff to Republican governor Bill Owens;

"When I moved our here from Pennslyvania, where I worked for Governor Tom Ridge, I was astonished at how genteel politics were out here.  Huttner {Michael Huttner, activist and founder of ProgressNow} brought a New York, Pennslyvania, New Jersey [and] even national take to the game."

 Machiavelli understood five hundred years ago what sadly is still true today, "Politics have no relation to morals."

We know it's wrong when we see these types of ads, we know they're disengenuous at best, outright lies at worst.  Yet politicans continue to use them. Why?  Because they WORK.  They influence, we the people.  We can be manipulated.  We can be persuaded.

The problem is not the politicans.  The problem is us.  We can be 'educated' with simple 30 second ads to 'know' who to vote for and more importantly, who NOT to vote for.  Don't think you can be educated?  The Gang of Four evidently did.  From the book;

The most controversial document was a memo identifying CoDA's {Colorado Democracy Alliance} plan to 'Educate the Idiots.'

So, deception, who knew? Machiavelli, evidently;

"Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception"

So what's the answer?  How should we respond?  Get in the gutter and match the opposition 'smear for smear' or take the moral high ground?  And this is where I've been stuck...for three days now.  The answer finally came to me today from something my father drilled into my head over fifty years ago. 

DadIf you read my 'Colorado Redprint' article, I mentioned that my father used to be a pro boxer in his younger years.  So I had a helluva boxing coach growing up!  Some of my best memories are the times I spent with him learning 'the sweet science' as the sport used to be known in his day. 

December 1948 Edition of Ring Magazine:

My dad, 'Red' Rooney (he hated Walter!) was orphaned at the age of eight.  He and his younger brother were raised by an aunt in Hell's Kitchen in New York City.  Hell's Kitchen in the early 40's was a very rough place to grow up.  Dad had not just himself to take care of but a younger brother to protect as well.  And he did just that for years, which is probably why he turned out to be such a good fighter.

But while he taught me how to box in the ring, he reminded me of something often enough that it's stayed with me all my life.  He said, "Son, in a ring there are rules, boxing is a sport, a contest.  But don't ever confuse boxing in a ring, with fighting outside of one.  Do everything you can to avoid a fight but if you can't, there are NO rules, no jabs, hooks, uppercuts.  In a street fight you grab whatever you can, a rock, a brick, a two by four and you hurt the man attacking you.  Because if you don't hurt him first, he will hurt you."  I know it sounds like brutal advice but it's the way my dad grew up and survived in a terrible environment.  And it turns out his advice was pure Machiavellian;

"If an injury must be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengence need not be feared."

Folks, we're not in a political, rules bound, boxing match anymore here in Colorado.  It's a street fight now.  We better learn how to fight back.  Recall is the unwanted but unavoidable street fight we find ourselves in now to temporarily stop the progressive damage being done to this state. 

But beyond this, as 2020 approaches, we need to take an honest look at ourselves and have a frank discussion about why we've been getting our asses kicked the last ten years.  The Gang of Four has done a lot with money, strategy and execution but at the end of the day, ideas and a vision for the future still matters more.  We need to do a better job of explaining ours to young Coloradoans.     


Colorado Recall Rope-A-Dope!

In my first RADICAL report, The Colorado 'Red Roadmap', I talked about the shocking transformation of Colorado from red to blue in just a few short years.  I described the Gang of Four, the architects of the 'Colorado Blueprint.'  I grudgingly tipped my hat to them for successfully executing that blueprint with incredible marketing sophistication and precision, supported by a tsunami of campaign money the likes of which this state had never seen and was totally unprepared for.

If you're looking for a silver lining, I guess it would be that we're awake now.  The question for us is whether we accept this new progressive reality, or do we fight back?  If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're ready to fight.  The question is, how?

I've been thinking about that question since deciding to get involved in late March.  I have to admit that after reading 'The Blueprint' How Democrats Won Colorado, I wasn't feeling too encouraged.  I originally got involved with the Polis recall effort and quickly realized what an enourmous undertaking it would be.  It will require an estimated $2,500,000 to $3,500,000 up front to finance.  Then, thousands and thousands of volunteers to try and collect a staggering 631,266 verified signatures in just 60 days.  The ongoing dispute between the two recall groups is only making matters more complicated.

But after two weeks of getting up to speed, I came to the decision that we've got the wrong strategy.  We're going after the one target with the highest bar for success (recalling the Governor), that will require the most resources in money and manpower, and will face incredible defensive firepower from the Group of Four Democratic machine, all directed against a single target (Polis recall group).

What the Hell is 'Rope-A-Dope'?

But at least they're trying and I had no better ideas.  Around that time I was flipping through some classic fights on YouTube one night and I watched the 1984 Ali/Foreman fight. And something just clicked. 

It seemed impossible that an aging Ali could win that fight.  He was stepping into the ring with an unbeaten 40-0 champion, who had knocked out 37 of those 40 men.  A lot of people, (myself included) were seriously concerned that Foreman might kill Ali, as he had almost done to Joe Frazier the year before.  Frazier was never the same after that vicious, six knockdown beating.

Frazier only knew one way to fight, move forward, strength against stength.  It had served him well throughout his career, until Foreman.  Ali however did something remarkable that night, forever known in boxing lore now as the 'rope-a-dope.' 

He basically let Forman hit him mercilessly with thunderous punches the first few rounds with almost no response.  Ali covered up and simply took the beating.  He did what he had to do, to have a chance of winning against a superior opponent.  He paid the price.

And by the 8th round Foreman was so utterly exhausted and punched out he looked like he had trouble just raising his arms to swing.  He looked like...an amateur.  The punch that finally knocked out a spent, defenseless Foreman in that 8th round wouldn't have made him blink in the 1st.

And that was the moment I realized;  Ali beat Foreman not by making himself a BETTER fighter that night but by making Foreman a WORSE fighter.  He brought Foreman down to his capabilities and managed to not only level the playing field against a superior opponent, he actually turned it to his advantage.  At the end, Foreman could see the punches coming but simply couldn't defend himself anymore.

And that is what I believe we can do here in Colorado by focusing not on the King (Polis) but his 60 minions (41 House/19 Senate democrats) with unprecedented recall efforts.  Sixty smaller skirmishes that we can individually take on at far less cost and resources and at least be competitive.  This as an alternative to a single, giant battlefield where most of the Democrat firepower will be concentrated against us.

So while the Polis recall groups do their best in moving forward in the Governor recall, we come at the House/Senate members and fracture the fight into multiple, smaller battles where our odds for success are measurably better.  How much better?  Consider this fact;

For the same 631,266 verified signatures we would need to recall Polis, we could successfully recall ALL 19 Democrat Senators and 35 of the 41 Democrat House representatives!

So that's the strategy that drove the development of this website and what I believe gives us at least a fighting chance to take our government back.  I want to be realistic, this is NOT going to be easy and many of our efforts will fail.  But some will succeed!  I have no doubt that Recall heroes like Victor Head in Pueblo in 2013 will rise across this state again in 2019.  Hopefully in the end, some will be enough for now to stop the progressive insanity that's trying to fundamentally change this state.

You now have a resource and tools you've never had before.  There's never been a website built specifically to facilitate recall efforts.  This website consolidates all recall campaign information into one website.  It provides instant email communication capability between individual district recall leaders and volunteers.  It shows you the exact number of approved signatures needed for each district recall and the number of registered voters available to you for that district.  It also lets you instantly communicate and hold town hall type meetings over any geographic distance via interactive video conferencing:

Hopefully it will generate power, enthusiasm and momentum as people see day to day progress and their confidence grows that we can actually do this.  Mike and I have tried to do our part to get in the fight.  So now, what say you Colorado?


Rochelle Galindo To Her Democratic Party: Et tu Brute?

Et tu, Brute?

On Sunday, May 12, 2019 Rochelle Galindo announced that effective immediately, she was resigning from her position as Colorado House District 50 representative.  It came as a complete shock to everyone.  Just days earlier Galindo had reaffirmed that she was in it to win it and would not be distracted from her duties representating constituents in her district.  Then; never mind, I resign effective immediately.

What happened?  The 'word on the street' (God, I hate that Harry Reid-ism) had it that there was a sudden allegation of some sort of sexual improprietary.  Regardles of your party affiliation, you have got to be sick and tired of this crap.  And you wonder why more good people won't step up to serve their country? 

But I find the timing a little suspicious and if you don't hear anything more on this supposed allegation, I'd question it.

Now as with everything in my life, I may be wrong but I believe the truth has nothing to do with a sexual allegation.  I think that's the convenient 'that's my story and I'm stickin' to it' that gives the Democrats cover as they unceremoniously and unemotionally dump one of their own. 

I think the truth is the Democratic party saw the writing on the wall for Galindo with the almost guaranteed success of the recall campaign against her.  And they simply decided to cut their losses...and her.  It's not personal, its business.

Why?  With a solid 9 seat majority in the House, Democrats were in no jeopardy of losing control.  Why not stand behind her, defend her against the usual bogeymen; big money, outside interests, misogonists, sexual bigots, anti-Green New Deal apostates, etc.. Apologies to any bogeyman I forgot to mention.

Now you may not agree with Rochelle's ideology and that's ok, but SHE believed it.  That's America, we argue passionately about the things we believe in, we debate the issues and in the end we make decisions and we move on.  At least that's the way we used to do it.

So I ask again, why?  Because in the end, to the Democrat party the 'vote' is more important then the 'voter' casting it.  Rochelle Galindo is simply collateral damage.  By having her resign instead of fighting for her career, the party forgoes a recall election and possible loss of her seat to a Republican.  A resignation protects their 'vote' as the party now gets to appoint a new 'voter' to fall in line.

So Rochelle, the hell with all the dreams, ambitions and goals of a young woman just starting out on a career of public service to help those in her community as she best saw fit. 

The hell with your intentions of bringing social justice reform to your district, however well intentioned but misguided many of us believe it is.

The hell with you and AOC marching across the revenue rich oil and gas fields of Weld county and saving the planet from impending environmental devastation in twelve years.

We the Democratic Party believe in you Rochelle, and all the worthy dreams you aspire to...just not enough to support you in that upcoming recall election. 

Therefore, we the Democratic Party thank you for your 16 weeks of service to the country but more importantly, to our party...now, get out.

The Colorado 'Red Roadmap'

As a entrepreneur, you typically do four things when you're contemplating a new business venture;

  1. Research the market you're considering for the potential opportunity.
  2. Identify the current market leaders and find out everything you can about them.
  3. Find experts in that market that can consult, advise and shorten your learning curve.
  4. Get your checkbook or Line of Credit ready!

I thought those guidelines would apply to politics as well as business and that's how this website came into being.  What I've learned up to this point about the transformation of Colorado in just a few short years from deep red to bright blue is stunning.  It didn't happen by accident.  It's the direct result of brilliant, disciplined business principles applied to the political structure of Colorado government.  What's even more remarkable is that this transformation was orchestrated by just four people!

theblueprintbookcoversmThey're commonly known today as the 'Gang of Four' and their story is told in the book "The Blueprint' How the Democrats Won Colorado".  It is a MUST read if you're really serious about understanding your opponent and how to construct a strategy to beat them.  You can get it as an e-book at the Apple store as well as Kindle.

The book was an absolute eye opener for me.  I had no idea of the financial firepower and brainpower we were facing.  If it weren't for their ideology, I'd be tipping my hat to them for what they accomplished in Colorado in just a few short years.  They've perfected the tactics of what's now called 'The Colorado Blueprint' and are exporting it around the country as the model for turning red states blue.

All three men (Jared Polis, Tim Gill, Rutt Bridges) are self-made millionaires.  As a businessman, I have nothing but respect for their individual accomplishments.  But these guys are not your typical, garden variety millionaires.  In the millionaires hierarchy you have millionaires at the base of the pyramid.  The next rung up and more exclusive, you have the 10X millionaire club.  A couple of steps up and in much more rarified air, you'll find the 100X millionaire club.  And at the top of the pyramid, high above the clouds you'll find the few; multiple 100X millionaires.  These are the guys working on their applications to the billionaires club.

The reason I'm telling you this is because not one, not two but all THREE of these men belong to the multiple 100X millionaires club.  They're extremely smart, incredibly rich, supremely self confident.  So confident that they have no problem revealing the thoughts, objectives and gameplan they devised and successfully executed to turn Colorado from red to blue in less then ten years.

Why would they give away their 'secret sauce'?  Because they're not afraid of us.  Here's a quote from page 118 in the book;

When asked why Republicans have nothing like ProgressNow, Huttner's words almost sound like friendly advice to conservatives..."They underestimated the importance of technology and tried to write it off as a liberal fad until Obama.  Now they're trying to catch up.  They've got a ways to go.  These are tools that anyone can use and there's no reason these tools couldn't be used by right-wingers."

I have to say, as a life long athlete, I admire the cajones!  They're giving us their playbook.  They're daring us to compete, to step into the political ring and try to beat them, straight up. 

So I am, starting with this website, my understanding now of their thinking and how I believe we can beat such accomplished opponents.

If you're a boxing fan (my dad was a professional fighter in his younger days, trained by Cus D'Amato, Mike Tyson's trainer), go back to the night of October 30,1974 the 'Rumble In The Jungle.'  The unbeatable giant, George Foreman, 40-0 and in his prime versus an aging, over the hill Mohammed Ali. 

If you saw the fight, you witnessed the impossible.  It wasn't youth that beat Foreman that night.  It wasn't superior strength or even better boxing skills.  It was the STRATEGY that some to this day still believe Ali made up on the fly as Foreman beat the bejesus out of him for four rounds.  It's forever known now as the 'rope-a-dope' and led to Ali shocking the world and KO'ing a punched out, exhausted George Foreman in the 8th round.

I've got my own Colorado version of 'rope-a-dope' recall strategy that I'll outline in detail in my next report.  Long shot?  Yes.  Odds of succeeding?  Questionable.  Worth a try, Colorado?  Ask Ali.