Objective #3

Use This Technology To Communicate, Coordinate, Educate And Duplicate Your Efforts

This website will show you what district you live in and who the Democratic House/Senate members are (if any) for your district.  Coloradoans across the state will be able to start recalls against any/all of the remaining 39 Democratic House members and any/all of the remaining 18 current Democratic Senators. 

One recall had already been approved by the Secretary of State; Rochelle Galindo, District 50.  I predicted this recall would be successful, it had all the elements.  I was correct.  On May 12, 2019, Rochelle Galindo resigned, effective immediately.

In addition, three more recalls have been announced; Senate President Leroy Garcia (District 3),  House representative Bri Buentello (District 47) and Senate representative Brittany Pettersen (District 22).  Make no mistake; the movement to take back our state has begun.

This website will keep you up to date on recalls going on in other districts throughout Colorado, with contact information for each district recall leader.  In addition, the website will provide email and video conferencing communication tools so that each district attempting a recall will be able to ask for volunteers and be able to immediately communicate/coordinate with them.  Our hope is that this website can be used to organically grow and support recall efforts for every district that wants to try.

I Have No Idea How To Run A Recall Campaign. Help!

Join the crowd, me neither initially.  But if you read my Colorado Red RoadMap  report, look at #3 on my list of things to do when you're contemplating entering a new market;

3) Find experts in that market that can consult, advise and shorten your learning curve.

And that's exactly what I did.  I found an outstanding political consulting group with twelve years of experience in running political campaigns; Constellation Political Consulting.  If you want to see what advanced level political firepower looks like, take a look at their services on the left side of this page, and/or check out their website using the link above and download their PDF on resources/tools that they can bring to bear. 

I took a trip to Denver recently to have lunch with Ben Engen, a principle at Constellation.  You might have seen the Facebook webinar he did a while back on 'Everything you Need To Know About Recall Campaigns.'  It was invaluable and I urge everyone to watch it if you haven't already.  We talked for an hour and a half about the recall situation and I tried to suck up every ounce of education I could. 

What I found interesting and extremely encouraging for us is that Ben's feeling was that with the current Polis recall group/groups issue still going on, he had no interest in getting involved in that agenda. 

However, what he was very interested in was our focus on just house/senate recall efforts.  That he agreed with and supported.  I've tapped into Ben multiple times since then, so he's already contributing some of that 'sweat equity' I've talked about.  However, what will be invaluable to this recall effort is the expertise that every district will have the option of tapping into for assistance via Constellation Political Consulting, if they want.  I will be doing exactly that as the Recall Leader for the House District 18 recall

Now, that expertise won't be free but that's why I've asked you to keep your financial powder dry for the right time.  If you decide to try initiating a recall effort in your district, you can be confident that there will be political experience available to help and advise you, if you want it.

Finally, I want to be clear; we have NO financial/compensation arrangements of ANY type with Constellation Political Consulting.  We are simply consulting with them on this project and recommending their services to any group that feels they might be of help in a recall campaign.


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