Objective # 2:

File Recall Efforts On EVERY Democratic House And Senate Member

We obviously won’t recall them all but I promise you, we will take down some.  This is where that 'sweat equity' I asked you for on the home page comes in.  This is where Colorado needs YOU to get in the fight.  We need to put pressure on Democrats from as many fronts as possible.  We need to make them defend multiple districts, force them to spread their forces and resources in ways they've never had to before.

All it takes is ONE person to file a recall petition for an elected representative in the district they live in.  Just ONE.  Filing a recall petition is a very simple process.  Now, running a successful recall campaign has been a much more difficult process...up to now and without the technology we're rolling out to help each one of you organically organize/coordinate/communicate a recall effort in your respective districts.

So at the very minimum, we should be able to recruit enough people from across the state to at least FILE a recall petition for each of the remaining 36 House Democrats (2 already announced) and 17 remaining Senate Democrats (2 already announced).  From that point, we'll deal with the hurdles now of organizing, getting replacement candidates ready and figuring out the most efficient way to collect recall signatures in your district.

We will fail in a lot of these recall efforts, I understand.  Many of us will fall trying to take our individual hills.  But it's a magnificant and worthy goal to aspire to, don't you agree?  To do something so audacious and RADICAL that it's never even remotely been attempted before!

"Make No Small Plans, For They Have No Magic To Stir Men's Blood"

                                                                                                           - Daniel Burnham

Well, this is a big plan.  It will send shock waves through Colorado and the rest of the country when we successfully file recall petitions for every Democrat in our legislature.  It will send a clear message when the country wakes up to find that Colorado’s citizens, in a massive uprising against this radical administration, are fighting back and trying from a purely grassroots effort, to oust every Democratic legislator who has shown such contempt for the people they serve.

The 1 active recall effort (Rochelle Galindo, House District 50) has already been successful, with Galindo announcing her immediate resignation on May 12, 2019.  That is remarkably efficient and we should study and emulate their process.

Three more recall petitions have also been announced (Garcia, Senate District 3, Buentello House District 47, Pettersen Senate District 22).  We need to get in the fight and join these districts in the effort to take back our state. 

God bless each of you for having the courage to try and God bless the great state of Colorado.

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Radical Recall Team