Objective #1:

Pre-Register Your Recall Vote!  Just 30 Seconds, 3 Clicks.

This is something that each and every one of you who are interested in a recall campaign can do right now that will have an immediate impact on our chances of success.  Here's all you need to do; 

1) Click on the CO Recalls menu tab. 

2) Click on the House or Senate candidate you want to recall. 

3) Click on the Pre-Register Your Recall Signature graphic and put your contact info in and hit submit.  You'll get an email from us in a few seconds asking you to click on the 'confirmation' link and that's it!  You're now pre-registered. 

If you're not sure what district you're in, click on the "District Finder" tab and you will be taken to the "Find Your District" page that will allow you to determine "Who Represents Me."  Follow the instructions there to display your senate and house representative and party affiliation.

With your help we will change the way recall campaigns are conducted.  Typically, two thirds of the cost of a recall campaign goes to pay circulators who go out and collect signatures.  This is horrendously inefficient and expensive and puts the cost of recall campaigns out of the reach of most districts.

Action Steps:

Our #1 objective is simple and straightforward; pre-register tens of thousands of citizens who raise their hands to say they want to sign a recall petition for the Democrat in their district.  As we receive more and more pre-registrations, we will geo-locate groups of people in each district, set up convenient petition signing events near them, then contact those people to let them know where to go to sign. 

It takes all the randomness out of the process.  We now know 'who' and 'where' you are, and you will know 'when' and 'where' to go to sign the petition.  It's quicker, more efficent, less stressful with far less manpower needed, and an enormous reduction in the cost of running a recall campaign.

Moving forward, I want everyone to remember that this is business, not personal.  We're not interested in name calling, accusations or personal slurs and will condemn anyone that does so.  We don't care who you choose to love or what God you pray to.  In a recall campaign we're not here to debate the issues or try to win hearts and minds.  That will come soon enough in 2020. 

In our current situation, the only option we have left and the only thing we're focused on to stop the progressive insanity we witnessed in this first legislative session, is recall!  We did it in 2013 and now 2019 as well with the recent resignation of Rochelle Galindo, House District 50.  With your help, we will be recalling more this year.

The Power of Recall on Demand:

And remember, even though RADICAL is focused today on Legislators where we are "Recalling All Democrats In Colorado Against Liberty", we will also be able to leverage this platform for processing future Ballot Initiatives as well.  So Democrats may try to Out-Maneuver the voting public with more punitive and tyranny-leaning laws and regulations, (and even threaten to alter or change the Recall Election Rules at the state level) we now have a direct-to-voter-friendly and powerful mechanism to reverse one-sided, and back-room driven, lobby-influenced legislation where the voters will be "Back in the Drivers Seat", not our representatively elected officials who still seem to think we have a Democracy in this country. 

Sorry, folks but it's a Constitutional Republic.  A constitutional republic is a form of government where the rulers are elected, and the rules are set down in a written constitution that does not "change" on a whim, or be "purchased" outright as we have seen in Colorado.  Our Legislative Officials are elected by Us, the People... and they do not and will not have uncontrolled power.  By pre-pooling and organizing our votes in advance and positioning them dynamically "On-Demand", we can save both money and time and revolutionize what has become a very labor-intensive process with many regulatory trip-wires and barriers to success that have been "baked into" the process on purpose.  Enough games.  It's time to Fight Back.

Pre-Register Now!

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