Colorado House of Representatives Master District Listing (Democrats):
The Colorado House of Representatives is the lower house of the Colorado General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Colorado. The House is composed of 65 members from an equal amount of constituent districts, with each district having approximately 75,000+ people.  After the 2018 elections, Colorado has a Democratically Controlled House of Representatives with 41 Democrats in the Majority.
Below is a listing of all 41 Colorado Democratic Districts:
recallpagethumbnailIf a district below is highlighted in "Bold Red" it currently has a recall effort underway.  All other Districts that are open for Recall are in "Bold Blue".  Those links in "Bold Green", are not being pursued for Recalls.   
Use the links below to navigate to specific Recall Information Pages for each District and the current Office Holder for more information about a recall effort.  (See the example thumbnail at the right).
District 1: Susan Lontine
District 2: Alec Garnett
District 3: Meg Froelich
District 4: Serena GonzalesGutierrez
District 5: Alex Valdez
District 6: Chris Hansen
District 7: James Coleman
District 8: Leslie Herod
District 9: Emily Sirota
District 10: Edie Hooten
District 11: Jonathan Singer
District 12: Sonya Jaquez Lewis
District 13: KC Becker
District 17: Thomas Exum Sr.
District 18: Marc Snyder
District 23: Christopher Louis Kennedy
District 24: Monica Duran
District 25: Lisa Cutter
District 26: Dylan Roberts
District 27: Brianna Titone
District 28: Kerry Tipper
District 29: Tracy Kraft-Tharp
District 30: Dafna Michaelson Jenet
District 31: Yadira Caraveo
District 32: Adrienne Benavidez
District 33: Matt Gray
District 34: Kyle Mullica
District 35: Shannon Bird
District 36: Mike Weissman
District 37: Tom Sullivan
District 40: Janet Buckner
District 41: Jovan Melton
District 42: Dominique Jackson
District 46: Daneya Esgar
District 47: Bri Buentello
District 50: Rochelle Galindo - Breaking News: Galindo has Resigned !
District 52: Cathy Kipp
District 53: Jennifer Arndt
District 59: Barbara Hall McLachan
District 61: Julie McCluskie
District 62: Donald Valdez